Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What to do when bits are not readily available? (pt. 2)

My experiment worked!

The first batch of freshly minted bits looks very good. There are a few air bubbles, but the mold works as intended.

The mold is now a bit dirty with residue, but that is not a big deal. Each successive cast will clean it up a bit more :)

And here are the new bits themselves


  1. Wow, they look really good. Should have tried that method before converting all these ML Devs of mine. Could you tell us please how much the whole process costed? Thanks.

  2. I dont know if what I paid for the materials will be a real reference, since Israel is overpriced for everything, but here is my bill of materials:

    1. 1kg non sulfur plasticine (dirt cheap and you will need a lot less than one kilo)
    2. Smooth On Smooth Cast 300, smallest kit. This is the actual resin, and it will last you for ages. For mold my size you need a total of 8cc resin. rough math says that i can make about 80-100 casts from the smallest kit. Way more than I need :)

    3. Smooth On Mold Star 30, smallest kit. The smallest kit is more than enough to make 4 molds the size I made.

    Just check out the prices with your local supplier

  3. Those are pretty spectacular results for molds; though I don't think GW would be terribly fond of the process if they stumbled upon this blog post...

  4. All of these are for personal use, so it's a non issue. If I were selling them, i would have problems with GW

  5. I'm not trying to be a downer, but I don't think they'd see it that way. They make reference to that on their IP page:

    "Do not cast any materials that are based upon Games Workshop material. Games Workshop has to maintain a strict policy on this to fight counterfeiters. We would also remind you that reproduction for personal use is NOT an automatic exclusion in respect of copyright protection in many territories worldwide"

    Will they ever sue you? Unlikely. Would they win if they did? Who knows... do you want to risk the chance of that happening?

    I'm not telling you that you can't do what you're doing, but just saying you might want to be careful about who you tell about it. As one gamer to another, I'd hate to see you get in hot water over something that seems so trivial.

  6. The key word there is "in many territories worldwide"

    I live in Israel. In Israel the law permits me to copy anything i purchased, as long as it's for personal use (accent on personal), be that a book, a CD, or a small part of a scale model. I don't sell these bits, I will never sell them, and I will never even offer them for free to anyone.

  7. I can't for the life of me work out how the resin gets in ? Very different way of setting up a cast to those which I have seen so far.

    Care to share ?

  8. Its called the sandwich technique. You basically pour the resin in the lower part of the mold, paint it on the top part of the mold, close it, and press to squeeze the excess out.

    Its explained in detail here:

    That blog is actually where I learned this technique and the guy doing it there is in my opinion the master :)


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