Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Battle engine / Collosal transportation.

Ever since I completed my Cygnar battle engine, I had an issue of how to transport it. The previous case I used for Circle Orboros celestial fulcrum wasnt deep enough for the Storm Strider.

Here is the solution:

Old army surplus ammo box (you can probably get this or something similar anywhere) and layered cut out foam.

The case is large enough to carry 4 giant base models, so my (still only planned) two battle engines and two colossal will be carried around safely :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Holy mother of all WIP's :)

Today I realized how much i have going on with this Cygnar army :)

Here are some shots of assembled (or partially assembled models):

Here we have Ol' Rowdy, Thunderhead, Hammersmith, Centurion, Heavy warjack kit (magnetized), 4 long gunners, pHayley, Gorman, squire and Laddermore, all more or less ready for paint (except Gorman and Laddermore)

Mounted Laddermore getting her base done

Two units of field mechanics, GMCA (one of the two i have), and eEyriss :)

A little bit of everything :) Mainly Boomhowler and his fellas, and ATGM unit (and pNemo, eNemo)

These boyz definitely look like trenchers :) (and space wolves behind them :P)

More of everything including some Circle, Skaven and an airplane i never finished :)

Lets see how long it takes me to paint all this :)
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