Sunday, August 28, 2011

I cheated

In fact I didn't cheat, but I read on some forum that using an airbrush to do gradients is cheating. If that is so, I did cheat, but I do like how the purple gem came out :)


  1. Don't believe the hype. If you're happy with the end results, you did the right thing.

  2. Only people who are either too lazy to increase their brush skills or to stingy to buy an airbrush themselves call using an AB cheating. ^^

    Airbrush is a simple using a set of highy quality sable brushes instead of the ones you bought at the 99cent store.

    To me anybody who paints rows of tanks with a brush and manages to do so w/o any major brush-streaks visible on them is a genius and a masochist. Anyone who paints a row of tanks and gets the brush streaks is just a masochist.

    And yes, I like the look of the purple gem too..good job.

  3. I was just being sarcastic about the cheating part :)

    My philosophy is to use the right tool for the right job. In this case the right tool was an airbrush :)

    When i start working on my space wolves army (3 rhinos, 2 razorbacks, 2 land speeders, one land raider) I will definitely have a lot of use for the airbrush. Only concern for that is my current airbrush which is top load with a small cup. I will probably end up getting a cheap suction feed airbrush for basecoating and use the current one for detail work.

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  5. I don't believe into "buy cheap, save money" when it comes to AB guns.

    Since you too own a H&S evolution, why not just get the 0.4 needle I mentioned in the Ab topic (which is a good size for basecoating and priming stuff) and add a bigger cup on top of that. The nice thing about the H&S evolution line is the huge amount of spare parts you can swap out.

    H&S sells both 5ml and 15ml metal cups you can screw on instead of the 2ml cup that came with the gun. Or you could even get a 50ml plastic cup, but that's way beyond overkill.

    Just take a look here:

    Sure, that's the colani range but the cups are compatible with all graviety feed colani, evolution and infinity guns.

    By the way: I had a similar motivation for getting an AB. When I bought my first AB kit my Eldar army had a size of ~8 falcon/serpent-chassis skimmer tanks, 3 lords and 6 walkers. That's not a amount of tanks you want to paint with a brush. Sadly my 40k motivation right now is really low, so both those Eldar and the Dark Eldar models I bought in the meantime won't see some airbrush love in the near future.

    But hey, a decent AB gun also works wonders when you want to try painting your wall of cryx jacks with a salt&hairspray weathering technique. ^^

  6. Getting a replacement cup is something I honestly didnt think about :) I do have now both .2 and .4 mm needles and nozzles, so all I need is the cup

  7. Funny thing is that I consider doing the same, but only after reading your topic. A 15ml cup should be more than enough for priming a whole bunch of models in one go. Not sure which version I prefer. Checked the local prices and the 15ml metal cup w/o a lid costs more than the 50ml plastic cup, which also comes with a lid. Argh....

  8. I gotta contact my Airbrush guy and see how much is the cup, and if he stocks it to begin with. The only problem is that my Airbrush guy is the sole importer of H&S for Israel, so if he doesn't have it, I will have to order from the UK (or something like that)


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