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Friday, September 28, 2012

Apocalypse battle report and picture dump

Three days ago a bunch of friends including myself had our yearly apocalypse game. The main house rule is that everything has to be painted, or at least in late painting stages.

The armies that participated this year were the following:

1. Space Wolves, including all named characters
2. Space Wolves, including all named characters except Bjorn
3. Ultramarines + Raven Guard
4. Salamanders
5. Imperial guard
6. Traitor imperial guard ~1300 points(we decided they were traitor guard)
7. Chaos space marines (Nurgle themed)
8. Chaos space marines (Khorne themed)
9. Necrons
10. Grey Knights
11. Orks

The distribution of forces was:

2x space wolves, + ultramarines + salamanders + Imperial guard vs 2x Chaos space marines + Necrons + Traitor guard + Orks + Grey knights (weird choice but it worked point wise)

The actual game was played on a 16"x4" table, and the dice gods weren't kind to us. The dice decided that the game will be played length-wise, with 12" neutral zone in the middle.

Six objectives were placed, and four objectives were all around the central area of the table. Two additional objectives were deep inside each army's territory

The bidding started with the "Imperials" bidding 20 minutes for deployment, and "Xenos" bidding 25 minutes, and the "Imperials" managed to deploy in under 20 minutes, which gave the imperials first move.

The whole game took approximately 14 hours (including a few breaks), and it was concluded at the end of 5th turn, where the "Imperials" held 7 out of 8 objectives (Bjorn was wrecked and became a 2 point objective)

And now for the pictures: 

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