Thursday, August 25, 2011

Water effects get me every time

Actually the stuff gets all over me every time, and its not that easy to get rid of :)

And to cut the rant short, here are the photos:


  1. these look amazing. I'll have to try that with my Winterguard. What type of Water Effects do you use? Is it just a matter of painting on thin layers until you build up enough water?

    hmmmm, makes me wish I had tried this on my Assassins. Perhaps it's not too late.

  2. This is Envirotex Lite. Very easy to use. Just mix it 1:1 and pour it on. Just make sure to put a nylon bag over your work area because you will spill it, and it is very sticky. You might consider gloves since its not the easiest thing to wash off (long shower did help me today :))

    In the photos its still extremely shiny since it didn't cure yet, but if you take a look at my finished models in previous posts, you will see how it looks when its all dry.


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