Friday, September 2, 2011

Magnetizing Space Marine Devastators (Or Long Fangs in this case)

In the 1750 point list that I plan to assemble, paint and play with is pretty straightforward. I have my terminators with combi weapons, I have my standard troops with standard weapons, I have land speeders in a pretty standard loadout, and then I have two squads of Long Fangs that just scream for customization, but I also don't want to buy and assemble 40 different Long Fangs, when I need a total of 10. The best thing to do is magnetize their weapons and packs, and that is exactly what I did. The puppy in this picture here looks just like a standard puppy:

But he is not! Both his arms and his pack are magnetized:

I used 3x2 millimeter round magnets, and glued them in place with super glue.
The most important thing when magnetizing models is to make sure that all magnets in all locations have the same polarity.
The easiest way to do this is to magnetize fully one model, and use that model and those parts as "pilot" parts for all other models. Before gluing the magnets in, double check and triple check that all magnets are properly oriented.
Here is a shot of assembled and magnetized multi melta, laser cannon and heavy bolter

All of these parts are assembled, glued together, and all that is needed is the space marine (or space puppy in my case) body that will be slipped in :)

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