Friday, August 12, 2011

New photos

Baldur and Gnarlhorn satyr got the professional treatment :)


  1. Amazing. Want to share your photo setup?

  2. The setup is so simple that I'm almost embarrassed :)

    I use a simple old Canon PowerShot A540 camera, single direct light source, tripod, and a printed backdrop

    I set the camera to ISO 80 (lowest), aperture priority mode, then I set the aperture to something around 6, set the camera on timer, set the macro mode, turn off the flash and take the photo.

    Second step is post processing, where I use GIMP. Auto adjust color levels, crop, re-size to width 600, and add my copyright and url info.

  3. No need to be embarrassed when you produce the end results like that ;)

    And thanks for the info. I'm having trouble with my Nikon d60 taking photos that are properly focused. Need more practice I spose.

    What role does the ISO setting play there?

  4. ISO setting is the "film" sensitivity. The lower the number, the lower the sensitivity. Here you want it as low as possible for longer exposure as possible, to let it soak up all those nice colors :) You need high sensitivity for action shots, but this is a completely static scene, and you can go with the lowest setting possible.

  5. Ok, finally got that one. Need to try to set that as low as it can go. Thanks again :)

  6. Looks really great...I like how you went for more of an ivory rather than stone colored look for his dangling charms on his belt.


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