Friday, May 4, 2012

Beginings of a Cygnar army

In the past few months I came to the conclusion that even though Circle Orboros have probably the prettiest and coolest models, I really don't enjoy their play style. After some research, I decided to start a Cygnar army, and as always, I will start with the bases :)

First models I will work on are 8 light jacks, and one Ironclad. The general idea for the bases is to go for red earth/terracota color, with a lot of texture, and a lot of green grass. I also decided to throw in some roads, and the Ironclad will get the first road/earth base :)

Here are some in-progress photos:

 Cobblestone road is made of cut sheet cork (2mm thick) and just laid down to look like cobbles. The "ground" is a mix of mid ballast and shale (some sand will be added later on to smooth it out).

Red earth bases are based in mix of dark umber and red (looks like terracotta to me)

And here is the final product (without grass for now, and with primed-only jacks on top):

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