Monday, September 24, 2012

Cygnar Stormwall

It's time to get started with the stormwall :)

For the starter I wanted to get the lightning pods out of the way:

Nice and easy pieces :)

Once they were done, it was time to start working on the big guy.

The base is rather simple. Cryx heavy jack marker, and some sandy modeling paste. 

And since colossal is supposed to be colossal,  i made some footprints in the earth:

Legs got a layer of rust color that will be used for the weathering:

Then it was priming time for the rest of the pieces:

To conclude the work for today, the base is almost finished (still lacking static grass), and blue on the legs is sprayed on and weathered.
I'm not too happy about the hairspray method I used, and I will probably complete the weathering on the body and arms using the old salt method :)

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