Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haven't posted in quite some time

I guess I lost some steam when it comes to miniature war-gaming, but this is about to change. The main problem was that I chose myself an army to play with that didn't really suit my play style. This is a common mistakes that a lot of people make when starting to get in to the miniature hobby, and I admit, I'm a newbie and I made all the newbie mistakes.

I did enjoy building and painting my Circle Orboros army, but the play style of Circle is definitely not for me, so exit Circle Orboros, enter Cygnar :)

This time I did a lot of research, and even test-played a few games, and i can way with a certain degree of confidence that Cygnar is the way to go for me.

The Cygnar battle box is already on the way, and once I start building it, the updates will follow.

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